On the trails of the remnants of world war 1, Tsavo theatre.

A lot has been said and written about Tsavo, from the man eaters, lunatic express, big game hunting, geology, wildlife and ecology. A number of publications have also been done on the war that was not a concern of Mother Africa as pertaining to especially East Africa, but affected not only the mother earth of Africa but left trails and names that have remained for the last 90 years. The war pitting two mighty giants of the period namely British & the German empires was fought fiercely at the peripheries of the Tsavo West National Park., Taita Taveta District of Kenya, which is close by to the borders of Tanzania which by then was a colony of German. Although Africa later on especially in North Africa later in World War 2 saw again many battles perhaps Tsavo retains more debris and now names that leave trails of the fierce battle.

To date, food cans, mortar shells, baobab trees used as sniper positions, graves of the soldiers and even names of places named as a reminder of those days and years gone by still remains. Places like “saloita Hills” (Pronunciation difficulties meaning Slaughter Hills) where several solders met their death and “Rhodesia” named after where British reinforcements from Southern Africa then called Rhodesia stayed can still be found in this region.

Tourism in Tsavo is and should be more than just scenery, culture, flora & fauna of the region. History has indeed got a major role in this industry and this event was in fact an event that can never and should never be forgotten.

It is in these light of cultural and historic tourism that SAFARI EXPOSURE TOURS LTD will follow this trails and include as part of the itinerary of Tsavo with VOYEGER SAFARI CAMP been a base for this purpose Such history tour shall have to take more than the normal safari days with carefully planned trips and facts that shall be available for those who find history of the war as an important fact not only to tourism but also as a reminder of the human suffering by an act practiced and yet so cruel and barbaric in mankind called WAR.

Depart in the morning around for your trip to the Tsavo west heading for Voyager Safari Camp. Proceed to arrive at the camp in time for lunch. The camp is set around a small swamp dam which has its share of aquatic lives from Hippos, crocodiles, terrapins and others. Enjoy your lunch with the view of basking crocodiles on the other side of the bank. After lunch, relax and later go for your afternoon game drive in Tsavo west. Be back in time to freshen up. Enjoy a night game drive within the camps owned land and back for dinner, entertainment and sleep over.

Day 2 –
After breakfast and armed with picnic lunch and guided by the camp’s naturalists, go for a full day drive starting with the baobab tree which was used by a German lady as a sniper position inside the tree, visit “slaughter hill”, Taveta war cemetery and other historic sites then later head to lake Jipe where you shall have your picnic lunch. On your way back, crown your tour by climbing a small mountain and enjoy the fantastic view of the crystal blue crater lake chala, time permitting, descend down to the lake . Our experienced Guide will be more than glad to answer all your questions about the animals and the ecosystem itself. Head back to the camp for more presentation of the tour and historic finds that are at the camp. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3 –
Wake up in the morning and after breakfast, depart for Tsavo West National Park for a long game drive with a visit of Mzima springs, shaitani lava and other places, take a break in a safe area and enjoy your picnic lunch then continue game drive heading back to camp. At the camp, you shall be welcomed, time permitting, for a nature walk around the camps vicinity, there are numerous and abundant birdlife that can be found around there. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4 –
Enjoy your breakfast with a beautiful view of Mt Kilimanjaro in your back drop, weather permitting, check out and depart back to Mombasa or Nairobi.

End of Trip