The“SAMPURR”are a “Maa” speaking people and are cousins to the Masai. Welcome to the world of “ELSA” the famous lioness raised by the Adamson’s, Samburu was recently made famous again with the 3 times Lioness Baby Oryx adoptions. Located in northern Kenya, Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves are 3 differently managed reserves separated by “Ewaso Nyiro River (meaning “Brown Water”) the main river and the Isiolo Maralal Road respectively but share major ecosystems together. These boundaries are mostly imaginary and don’t really affect the movement of wildlife.

Samburu, Our main area of concern, is a semi arid area and almost directly opposite the lush green of the Masai Mara but teeming with its Own UNIQUE wildlife that one can never imagine could / can exist in such areas, through the process of nature and habitation, see the Giraffes in mara and see the Reticulated giraffes in Samburu, Gravy Zebras, the elusive kudus, Oryx, Long necked Gerenuks, Elephants, the shy and Elusive leopards and even the lions are different from the others.

The Scenery in Samburu is unmatched, especially as you go on your early morning game drives; it is a memory that will linger for a lifetime. Samburu, is where the dust is equivalent to gold.

Leave early in the Morning around 6am for your trip to Samburu. Stop for a short break at Nanyuki or Meru then proceed to arrive at the club before lunch time and refresh. After lunch go for your afternoon game drive. Be back in time to freshen up, dinner, entertainment and sleep over.

DAY 2 –
Early morning game drive departs at 5.30am to return to the camp at 7am for breakfast. After early breakfast, go for game drive with our experienced Driver Guide who will be more than glad to answer all your questions about the animals and Samburu ecosystem itself and the difference in the wildlife as compared to the others. Drive back to camp for lunch and thereafter continue with you game drive. Be back at the club to freshen up, dinner, entertainment and sleep over.

DAY 3–
After breakfast, start leaving for Nairobi with last game drive on the way. Stop over at Nanyuki for lunch break then proceed for Nairobi to arrive in Nairobi early evening.

End of Trip